The Undertaker’s Bizarre Wedding With Billionaire Princess Stephanie McMahon Is Ultimate Sports Entertainment

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The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon were a part of the strangest storyline in WWE history. Back in 1999, when the WWE Attitude Era was at its peak, boss Vince McMahon put his daughter Stephanie McMahon in a storyline that involved The Undertaker marrying her.

This was when Taker had his ‘Ministry of Darkness’ gimmick on. Indeed, the ‘Ministry of Darkness’ persona of The Undertaker was a scary one. However, this gimmick of Mark Calaway, aka The Deadman, was twisted and wackiest.

We all know, among many favorites, WWE boss Mr. McMahon, The Undertaker, tops that list. But who thought ‘The Big Man’ would throw his ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ daughter under the bus for a storyline?

Why did The Undertaker wanted to marry Stephanie McMahon in a storyline?

On April 26th, 1999, Undertaker took an oath to make ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ Stephanie McMahon his unholy bride. This storyline included Taker kidnapping Stephanie McMahon and attempting to marry her in a “dark wedding.” Taker had abducted Mr. McMahon’s daughter at Backlash PPV.

Later, The Deadman offered to return Mr. McMahon his ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ in exchange for the company’s ownership. But, of course, in the storyline, the WWE boss was ready to give up everything for his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Hence, Vince McMahon agreed to The Undertaker and drew up all the documents necessary to take it to a location that Taker dictated.

However, ‘Ministry of Darkness’ never showed up and instead gave Mr. McMahon a ride to Hell’s Gate. Taker entered the following Monday Night Raw with Stephanie McMahon strapped to The Undertaker’s symbol.

Bride and groom at the unholy wedding!

When The Deadman carried ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ to the ring on a crucifix-style symbol, the WWE Universe was shocked. Then, the late WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer proceeded to the “unholy wedding” of ‘Lord of Darkness’ and Stephanie McMahon.

Taker was accompanied by his members of the Ministry of Darkness (Viscera, Farooq, Mideon, and JBL) stable. WWE superstars The Big Show and Ken Shamrock showed up to save Stephanie McMahon from the Ministry of Darkness. But they were dealt with rather quickly by the Ministry.

The Undertaker said, “I do,” in the creepiest voice to Paul Bearer’s request. Then, Taker was about to kiss the bride, but a “glass shattered” theme song popped just before he could. It was none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin as he entered the ring to humble the ‘Ministry of Darkness’ faction.

‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ came to the rescue of ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ and wiped off the entire ring. It was insane, and looking back on it feels nostalgic.

‘Billion Dollar Princess’ and The Undertaker look back and share a laugh at this segment

Mr. McMahon was the brain behind putting The Undertaker and his own daughter Stephanie McMahon in this bizarre storyline. Before Mark Calaway was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, the company had arranged “The Undertaker Experience” for the fans.


During the event at WWE Superstore Axxess of WrestleMania weekend, even Stephanie McMahon made her presence to “The Undertaker Experience.” She posted a picture of The Deadman’s throne and made a callback joke from the “dark wedding” segment.

During an interview with The Sun, Taker was asked about the weirdest storyline in his 30 years prolonged career. Taker did not hesitate to mention that “Unholy Wedding” with Stephanie McMahon was that storyline.

Deadman said, “I think probably trying to kidnap Stephanie and marry Stephanie and all that I did. That was out there when I started putting Stephanie on my symbol.”

Of course, The Undertaker almost married Stephanie McMahon on WWE television because of a storyline. Thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin, that ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ and ‘The Phenom’ look back at this segment and laugh at it to this day.

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