The Undertaker’s Cheeky Threat to Team Penske Driver Amidst His Official Nascar Involvement in Austin

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The Undertaker kept his personal side hidden for over 30 years during his WWE career. He wanted to preserve his character as far as possible to maintain the aura of The Deadman. Fans saw the other side of Taker during the final years of his wrestling career.

Recently, NASCAR has announced that WWE legend The Undertaker will drive the pace car at the Echo Park Automotive Grand Prix on Sunday, March 27. He took the role of the Honorary Pace Car Driver on Sunday for the race while taking the field with the green flag.

The biggest week of The Undertaker started with great honor. He will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which will be one of the greatest ceremonies.

After the race was over, The Undertaker met the American Racer Ryan Blaney. Both talked for some time. Ryan shared a picture of him and Taker having a laugh while talking with each other on Instagram. Ryan, in the caption part of the conversation they had.

He said, “When asked what @undertaker thought if He got a bump from me, he said, “You’ll have to get out of the car sometime!”



There was a lot of banter, but Ryan would never get out of the car to face The Deadman. He knows The Undertaker is a reckoning force. However, he was happy to share a lap with the legendary wrestler. Ryan finished in 6th position in the race.

The Undertaker was very much honored to drive the pace car before the Race. The Phenom is ready for one of the long and biggest weeks in his life. After driving the pace car, the next stop for The Undertaker is the Hall of Fame ceremony and WrestleMania 38, which in also in Texas.

The Undertaker warns Kevin Owens 

Recently, The Undertaker was asked by the reporters regarding Kevin Owens calling out Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania. The Deadman quickly stated it was a dangerous move by Owens to have a WrestleMania moment.

Taker said, “I know he’s gonna get stung and he’s gonna get stunned. I pity he brought this on himself. You just don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with the Texas Rattlesnake”.

If The Deadman is saying it was a bad move for Owens, then The Prizefighter is in big trouble at The Showcase of Immortals. Austin is going to teach a lesson to Owens in order to protect the pride of Texas state.

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