The Undertaker’s Match with Dean Ambrose Is His Last on Television for Now

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The Undertaker’s recent bout with Dean Ambrose on SmackDown has been confirmed as his last appearance on television for the time being. But the beating he received at the hands of The Shield has left the door open for his eventual return.

According to PWInsider (h/t, Undertaker is not scheduled for any more television time after his confrontation with Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. But the good news is that Undertaker appears to be in better shape following his recent matches than he has been in the past few years. The article states:

The recent Dean Ambrose vs. The Undertaker match on SmackDown is confirmed to be Taker’s last scheduled appearance for the time being. WWE left it open to where Taker could come back and confront The Shield later.

The Undertaker came out of these recent matches in much better shape than he has in the past few years. Going into WrestleMania 29, Taker rested more, changed his diet and tried new workout routines.

Taker also worked a smarter match with CM Punk. It’s said that he had the mindset of his matches with Triple H were going to be some of his last but going into the Punk match, he just wanted to give the fans a good match but not destroy himself.

This is excellent news for fans of The Deadman.

Over the past several years, Undertaker has only been wrestling once a year at WrestleMania. While this has created an even bigger mystic around the Phenom, and made his matches more of a must-see, it has also created the impression he was on his last leg as a performer.

After his match with CM Punk at WrestleMania 29, Undertaker wrestled on Monday Night Raw in a six-man tag team bout with Team Hell No and The Shield. His excellent match with Ambrose followed that. In that contest he gave The Shield member his first loss.

While doubtful Undertaker will ever return as a full-time competitor, news of his post-match health is a great sign of things to come. If Undertaker has found a way to deliver high-quality matches without destroying his body in the process, then he may make a few more appearances during the year.

A program with the dominant trio from NXT would create exciting matches and possibly help turn Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns into big stars. Undertaker has reached the point in his career where nothing will ruin his legacy. He could put The Shield over in a way no one else on the roster could.

Already rumors have popped up that Undertaker may appear at SummerSlam in Los Angeles. Three-on-one matches with The Shield, facing one of the three men or even another six-man match are all possibilities.

An appearance at SummerSlam could set up Undertaker for a WrestleMania XXX bout. With Brock Lesnar signed to a new two-year deal, perhaps this is where a potential feud between the two could start.


No matter what, Undertaker may have found a new way to bury a few more opponents.


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