Most probably everyone loves sport and when we talk about the sport WWE[World Wrestling Entertainment] which plays the best role in the sports field and has millions of followers. Currently, in WWE, Roman Reigns holds the tag of no1 superstar. If we talk about the fanbase of the Roman reign, the audience from India also supported and had a huge fan base worldwide, but many WWE fans hate Roman reigns the most. There are many reasons behind that. The Assistant of Roman reigns is Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman was also an assistant of brock Lesnar.

In this article, we look at top 5 reasons why fans hate Roman Reigns.

1. Big Push

According to WWE fans, WWE has given a big push to the roman reigns as they are giving more roles in title pictures; according to fans, there are more talented superstars than roman reigns as compared to the character and ability, and they are not getting a chance to show their talent. In 2015 there was a match between Daniel Bryan and Roman reigns. The winner was Roman Reigns, but the fans were not happy. According to them, the winner should be Daniel Bryan and the famous wrestler The Rock also came to help Roman Reigns in that match. Although fans didn’t have any problem with the roman reigns, they have problems from the big push of roman reigns. As part of their attempt to put over Roman, WWE can promote another talent at the same time. A perfect example of this happened during the build-up to the Fastlane triple threat match.

2. Bad Booking

When the shield was broken out, WWE was making matches of roman reigns with those superstars who have a much bigger fan base than roman reigns. At that time, Roman reigns matched with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, and the undertaker. In Wrestlemania 33, there was a fight between roman reigns vs undertaker, and the fans were excited to see the match-winning undertaker, but the match was opposite to fans. Roman reigns won the match, Fans were unhappy. The undertaker is also a big superstar and defeated many big wrestlers, and it is unbelievable that a new wrestler defeats the undertaker. After this match, Roman Reigns faced boo in Wrestlemania raw. This is the first time any wrestler has faced this much hate.

3. The Bland Character

When the shield broke out, every fan knew that they would get pushed from the WWE side. WWE Creative did a good job of establishing Rollins’ cunning trait and that Ambrose was a crazy guy. but they gave an extra push to roman and the fans of WWE didn’t accept this. But nowadays fans started talking about Roman without ridiculing him. Reigns were overlooked for the main event of Mania without establishing any character elements for him. Fans booed him because his character is bland in comparison to the other two members of the stable. At the moment, WWE Creative is portraying him as an arrogant douchebag, which has been working to their advantage, but they will need to do something sooner rather than later.

4. Limited Moves

Where the fans love the moves of wrestlers, roman reigns have only 3 main moves: spear, superman punch, and Samoan drop. Many wrestlers have much more moves than Roman reigns, which is one of the reasons for hate from fans. Where the stone-cold stunner used by Steve Austin is the best move ever. Roman reigns have already established themselves as the master of the spear in the modern era. the greatest finishing moves of all time ranked
Stone Cold Stunner | Used by Steve Austin.
Sweet Chin Music | Used by Shawn Michaels.
Rock Bottom | Used by The Rock.

RKO/Diamond Cutter | Used by Randy Orton and DDP.
The Pedigree | Used by Triple H.

5. Mic Skills

It is often seen that roman forgot his promos lines in between, so he has to facebook. we Indians only love to see moves, fight, and bodies but outside India fans also like to see matches with promo lines and they give priority to everything. According to Roman reign, his older cousin is the best in the ring with mic skills. Due to this roman has to face mase many boos from WWE fans. This thing roman also feels in between the match. As part of their attempt to put over Roman, WWE can promote another talent at the same time. A perfect example of this happened during the build-up to the Fastlane triple threat match.

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