WATCH: The Undertaker Checks Out Missiles, Tanks, and More With Released WWE Star on Recent Trip

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Retirement comes with a perk that is unmatchable – time. Post-retirement time is usually spent travelling, spending time with family, creating adventurous memories, and sometimes playing with guns and tanks. Well, the last one isn’t common, but it seems to be how The Undertaker is spending his retirement.

A couple of videos show The Undertaker and former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman aka Adam Scherr checking out tanks, missiles, and guns.

In fact, Taker may have taken the time to fire a few rounds of an automatic, and it looks like life couldn’t get any better.

It’s official that The Undertaker aka Mark Calaway has managed to keep the thrill alive even after retiring from the squared circle.

Only if fans could see him firing guns and tanks in the signature ‘The Deadman’ gear. How amazing would that be?

The Undertaker has an exciting event coming up prior to WrestleMania 38

Unless one has been living under a rock, every pro-wrestling fan by now knows that The Undertaker is going to be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame. He will be inducted as the Class of 2022, and it’s one of the best news WWE has announced in recent times.

The induction ceremony will take place prior to WrestleMania 38. However, the WWE fans will get the chance to see him at WrestleMania 38 since he and the other inducted will make an appearance during the show.

This is going to make WrestleMania 38 one of the best events in WWE’s history. In fact, it should break prior viewership and ratings records.

Mark Calaway will not be a pro-wrestler again

Ever since his official retirement at WWE Survivor Series 2020, fans have urged him to return to the ring one last time. However, he has refused and will stand-by his decision.

According to him, his body cannot do what it could in his prime. While his mind and heart want nothing more but to be a part of the ring, his body refuses. He does not want to put up a show that shadows the memories of what his young self could do.

370782 04: World Wrestling Federation’s Wrestler Undertaker Poses June 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca. (Photo By Getty Images)

Even though the fans miss him, it’s good to know The Undertaker is thoroughly enjoying his retirement!

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