Top 10 Shortest WWE Wrestlemania Matches

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The former APA member constantly reminded the WWE Universe that he would return to Houston, Texas as a conquering hero and cement his legacy by retaining his Intercontinental title against Rey Mysterio. However, this did not go to plan for the Texas loudmouth.

Before his match with Mysterio could start, JBL attacked The Master of the 619 with a vicious boot. However, once the match began, Mysterio quickly gained the upper hand and hit the 619 and a big splash for a shocking victory in just 20 seconds.

Totally embarrassed and humiliated by losing in 20 seconds at WrestleMania in his home state, Layfield grabbed a microphone and loudly announced “I quit” before quickly leaving the arena.

This, in fact, would mark John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s final match as an in-ring performer for WWE before retirement.

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