10 Shocking Wrestling Plans You Won’t Believe Almost Happened

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Surprise returns are one of the things that wrestling fans really love. In 2021, CM Punk returned to the ring after saying for years he would never wrestle again. Ever since his return, a ton of fans have started watching wrestling again.

Returns like these are why there’s a saying in wrestling: never say never. But while it’s always good to see wrestlers making their return, not everybody is in a position to wrestle again. The following wrestlers are loved by many wrestling fans, but it’s unlikely that they will make their return to the ring again.

In the last few years, every time The Undertaker wrestled, fans thought it would be his final match. When The Streak ended at WrestleMania 30, it seemed The Deadman had retired. Some years later when Roman Reigns defeated him, people once again assumed The Undertaker won’t wrestle again. But he kept making returns to WWE.

After defeating AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, The Phenom officially retired from the business. There are still fans who believe Vince McMahon could bring The Undertaker for another WrestleMania or a Saudi Arabia match, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Many fans have completely forgotten about Jason Jordan, the illegitimate son of Kurt Angle. Jordan last wrestled at Royal Rumble 2018 where The Bar defeated him and Seth Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Championship . Fans had no idea this would end up being his last match in WWE.

Jason had injured his neck and underwent surgery in February 2018. At that time, fans thought that he would be able to return in a year. But it’s been four years now and Jordan hasn’t stepped foot in the ring. He’s since taken on a producer role in WWE.

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