The Undertaker Transformation | From 11 To 56 Years Old

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The Undertaker is by far the most iconic and most over wrestling superstar has ever been and ever will be. A career spanning over three decades, Mark Calaway flipped the pro-wrestling gimmick on its head and has paved the way for the younger superstars of this generation.

His mastery of carrying kayfabe, and delivering a storyline is immeasurable and the wrestling fans know it all too well. Eventually, throughout his career, ‘Taker experimented with his gimmicks and attires while keeping ‘The Deadman’ persona as his core.

However, whatever attire/gimmick the former WWE Champion took on, the WWE Universe would accept it with open arms.

‘Taker debuted for Vince McMahon’s WWE (then known as WWF) at Survivor Series in 1990 and had a gimmick/attire unlike anyone on the roster. Let’s have a look at Undertaker’s gimmicks and attires throughout the years.

The Western Mortician: Birth of The Undertaker, 1990 – 1994

The first gimmick he ever had was ‘The Western Mortician’ which lasted from November 1990 all the way through January 1994. This gimmick is partly responsible for him being named ‘The Undertaker’.

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