There are many rumors we have heard about WWE and wrestlers when we were young ( kids ). Some were the wrost and some were scary. In this article we are going to look back at those top rumors that everyone had heard when they were kids.

The Undertaker was in a Bollywood movie 

As we were kids, I heard a rumor about undertaker was that, He is going to act in a Bollywood movie, name Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. At that time everyone believed that the real undertaker is going to play that role. This rumor made all fans happy but the excitement.  But the excitement was not for a long time as the film was released everyone got to know that the role was played by Brian Lee. This rumor was the worst I have ever heard up till now.

No assistant during the matches

Most of us when we saw wrestling for the first time. We know that there are 2 wrestlers in a ring and one has to defeat another and lock until the referee counts 1,2, and 3. This look is very scary first time men we don’t know no about the script. People ( as a child) think that the wrestling which is going on is real. At that time people thought that the wrestler is cruel and killed opponents sometimes.

5 rumors about wrestling we believed when we were kids. If you loved watching wrestling in your childhood then your childhood was awesome. But there were many rumors that we have heard about WWE wrestlers.

Ahead of the screen, siblings are related by blood

On-screen tag teams like the brother of destruction, the Dudley Boyz, and more that come in the group are real brothers by blood. These were the people (as children) think are true. Even most of us share this beautiful knowledge with our friends. Due to us they also believe that this is true.

Masked wrestlers are always masked

When younger fans see the wrestlers who have masks on their faces they think that they wear a mask all time and if they try to remove it they can’t remove it. Like they are permanent. Huge Van Vader or Rey Mysterio in WWE have been constantly proven wrestling in masks.

As kids, we saw them on TV with masks covering their faces often. We thought it was fair to think so at that time. However, all adults probably knew that this wasn’t the same case. In fact, once the show had finished, they would remove it since they were no longer playing the part.

The Hardcore Title was actually defended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A Hardcore title changed into delivered lower back whilst the mindset technology turned into at its top. The Hardcore champion was expected at all times to protect his titleregardless of wherein he changed into or what he turned into doing so long as he become the hardcore champion.

Champions take their championships everywhere they go 

Our favorite wrestlers were often on the daily shows when we were growing up, especially those champions with their respective championships.

In these circumstances, we were all forced to believe that once they won those titles, they would have them with them everywhere, even while sleeping. The thing that made us believe that whenever we see them they are with the championship which they got by deep eating and another player the give their championship 2 company to promote the company and this point is in a to make a pen believed that they carried their championship everywhere.

This article is there to remind us of the rumors we have heard when we were young ( childhood ). Most probably you have also heard one of them in your childhood.

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