“Very Rare”: 7’3″ WWE Giant Reveals Discovering a Tumor That Sent the Medical World Into a Frenzy

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Professional Wrestling entertainment always provided a great space for larger-than-life personas. Thus, physical features and size have been a significant trait for many superstars. When it comes to giants in WWE, there is an impeccable success rate. The legacy of the big guys like André the Giant, Big Show, Kane, Omos and The Great Khali are forever engraved in the history of the sport.

For a few of them, it was a real medical condition. Recently, one of the lankiest wrestlers in WWE, Omos, shared the story of his struggle with his distinctive physique in his early days as a college student. Further, the former RAW Tag Team champion opened up about the time when he was diagnosed with a big tumor that later led to reveal that he is a medical miracle.

Toulope ‘Jordan’ Omogbehin, aka Omos, hails from Lagos, Nigeria, and his family migrated to the US when he was young. His WWE debut was in 2019 and his intimidating presence in the ring brought him success. Omos was at the peak of his popularity when he was the efficacious bodyguard to the ‘Phenomenal’ AJ Styles.

Moreover, The Colossus played basketball for the University of South Florida and Morgan State University until 2015. He played at the center position and had a bright future in the game until there was a shocking turn of events.

Omos opens up about tumor in the early days and various health conditions

For a WWE superstar billed at seven feet, three inches tall, Omos has a few awe-inducing tales to tell. While speaking on the Out of Character podcast, with Ryan Satin, Omos shared his fascinating story of overcoming a tumor. When he was playing college basketball, he got a call from the coach. And the matter was an email related to a medical finding that he has a tumor in his head.

Omos said, “So I read it and he just stated that, hey, I noticed that one of your guys. So look, they know that’s my first thing. I’m gonna bang it, you know, big guy. But I think he has a tumor by the size of his face. And he says on his hands and he has a pituitary tumor. It is to get checked out ASAP.”


The former WWE champion did not believe it until he took an MRI scan and the doctors confirmed it. But that was not the end. When one has a tumor, it changes the hormonal balance in them and Omos had to undergo further tests. “But in the process of doing the testing, they found that not only do they have the pituitary tumor, I had a gigantism and I have partial Cushing’s disease, which is very rare. And it’s different forms of large human beings,” Omos explained.

Moreover, his condition was a unique case in medical history as he had all three types of gigantism, unlike others, including WWE legend André the Giant. Fortunately, the quick intervention by the medical team saved his life. After all the physical struggles he underwent, Omos still managed to accomplish in the squared circle. Currently, he is healthy and doing well and appears on Monday Night RAW.

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