Stone Cold breaks Brock Lesnar’s unique WWE record at WrestleMania 38

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Stone Cold Steve Austin broke a unique WrestleMania record tonight that previously belonged to Brock Lesnar.

At WrestleMania Saturday, Stone Cold faced Kevin Owens in an impromptu No Holds Barred match. It was also the main event of Night One of the Shows of Shows. After a hard-hitting brawl, Austin delivered a thunderous Stunner to Owens to pick up the big win.

With his huge win, Austin broke an impressive WrestleMania record that was previously held by none other than Brock Lesnar. The Rattlesnake now holds the longest amount of time between two WrestleMania main events.

Austin’s last WrestleMania main event was way back in 2001. At WrestleMania 17, the Hall of Famer defeated The Rock in a WWE title match, and joined forces with Vince McMahon immediately after. 21 long years later, Austin headlined WrestleMania again, defeating Kevin Owens.

Brock Lesnar headlined WrestleMania 19 in 2003, against Kurt Angle. That night, Lesnar defeated Angle to win his second WWE title. 12 years later, Lesnar headlined WrestleMania 31 against Roman Reigns, in a world title match. Fans may remember that the bout turned into a triple threat match when Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase midway.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens garnered quite a loud reaction from fans in attendance

No fan in their wildest dreams would have guessed that Austin would return for another match, 19 years later. The unthinkable has happened at WrestleMania 38, though, and Austin didn’t disappoint one bit.

He and Kevin Owens did quite well in a back and forth match before The Rattlesnake pinned KO with a Stunner.

What did you think of Austin’s return match against Kevin Owens? Do you think his new WrestleMania record will ever be broken? Let us know in the comments section below.

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