10 Ruthless Aggression Era Storylines That Made No Sense

The Ruthless Aggression Era was a crazy time in wrestling, not only because of the storylines, but it was during this era that stars like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton became really popular.

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At the same time, however, the Ruthless Aggression Era was also really unpredictable. The quality of the storylines definitely went down from the Attitude Era, and some of them didn’t even make sense. However, this was also many people’s favorite period in wrestling. WWE put a ton of focus into producing quality matches consistently, but it seems like they didn’t care too much about the storylines at all.

10Vince McMahon Explodes In A Limousine


Vince McMahon once blew up on live television in his limousine. The storyline was done to write McMahon off the television for some time, but unfortunately, he was forced to return to WWE TV just a few days later due to the Chris Benoit controversy.

WWE never really went into the details of how Vince didn’t die that day when his limo exploded. This storyline seemed really interesting at first but WWE didn’t really have a choice to fix it. The only interesting tidbit to come out of this was that Donald Trump reportedly thought it was very real.

9Imposter Kane Debuts

imposter kane storyline

When this storyline initially started, fans were somewhat invested in it. WWE found an odd way to promote See No Evil (Kane’s movie) by incorporating the film’s release date in a wrestling storyline.

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The whole drama led to a Kane vs Kane rivalry that was really poor. After The Big Red Machine defeated his doppelganger, he was never mentioned again. This storyline could’ve been better but WWE really missed a huge opportunity here.

8Triple H Buries Booker T At WrestleMania

booker t vs triple h wrestlemania 19

Triple H vs Booker T was one of those rivalries that had a great buildup. Their match for the World Heavyweight Championship happened at WrestleMania 19 and everyone thought Booker T would finally become the new champion.

But the ending disappointed fans when The Game beat Booker in one of his burials. Before their match, Triple H had been blowing racial dogwhistles at him and there was no sense in his victory at WrestleMania. WWE clearly sent a wrong message through this match to millions of people watching it.

7Rey Mysterio Fights For Son’s Custody

rey mysteiro vs eddie guerrero for custody

Wrestling really makes us suspend our disbelief in many things. But this rivalry took things a little too far when Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero fought for Dominik’s custody. The storyline was really weird for many fans it still had some great moments too.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that this was perhaps one of the dumbest plot angles in the Ruthless Aggression Era.

6Stone Cold Feuds With Jonathan Coachman

stone cold confronting jonathan coachman

Stone Cold Steve Austin retired after putting over the Rock at WrestleMania 19. But a few years later, Austin agreed to return for a match.

Jim Ross had been fired by WWE at that time, and Jonathan Coachman was named his replacement. Austin’s victory would’ve brought Jim back to WWE, but the company actually wanted The Texas Rattlesnake to lose. Austin refused to show up and the program was changed to Batista vs Jonathan Coachman minus the Jim Ross angle. Some reports suggest that Stone Cold hurt his back and couldn’t perform as a result. Austin’s return should’ve been much bigger than this, and no way WWE should’ve even thought to have him lose his return match, especially to a mostly nonwrestler.

5Al Wilson Gets Shtupped To Death

dawn marie al wilson marriage

Once Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie were feuding and then WWE added Torrie’s real-life father, Al Wilson, to the mix. He and Marie became a couple and they even tied the knot in front of a live audience.

The storyline was a mess and then Dawn revealed that Al Wilson passed away due to overexertion during their honeymoon. A couple of fights later, both Torrie and Marie ended their rivalry.

4Triple H Betrays The Nature Boy

triple h betrayed ric flair 2005

After ending his feud with Batista, Triple H spent some time at home recovering from an injury in 2005. When he returned, The Game betrayed Ric Flair and attacked him with a sledgehammer.

His reasoning was that he didn’t like what Flair had become. The Nature Boy had become the Intercontinental Champion at Unforgiven, and Triple H considered it his mediocrity.

3Kevin Federline Pins John Cena

kevin federline john cena

Kevin Federline was still the husband of Britney Spears during the time of this angle. In 2006, Federline appeared in WWE to promote his upcoming album Playing with Fire.

He had a physical altercation with John Cena there and even slapped him once. Then, he cost him a match too. Kevin even challenged the WWE Champion one night on Raw and won after Cena’s rival Umaga attacked him with his own belt. Kevin’s appearances didn’t help WWE in any way and most fans considered it a waste of time.

2Kurt Angle Stalks Sharmell


Booker T and Kurt Angle were feuding in 2005 and Angle started to stalk Sharmell, Booker’s wife. This storyline was a complete disaster and literally everything else that happened that year was better than this.

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Kurt was very uncomfortable during this storyline, but he didn’t have a choice and had to go with the creative team’s plan. No doubt, it was the worse angle of his career (no pun intended).

1Momma Benjamin

shelton benjamin's mother

Sometimes, WWE does some really crazy things to get a superstar over. Shelton Benjamin, for example, is a great talent but also a terrible talker. So WWE brought Thea Vidale (a stand-up comedian) to play the part of Shelton’s mother.

Known as Momma Benjamin, she used to manage and work as a mouthpiece for Shelton. But getting managed by a stereotypical angry and overweight black woman took away any chances of Shelton being in the main event picture.

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