WWE Draft 2021: 5 Superstars that need to move to RAW on Day Two

Day One of the WWE Draft 2021 is in the books, with RAW and SmackDown making eight picks each. With nine Superstars having shifted brands, we now have an idea of what the red brand will look like for the next year.

RAW made some pretty strong moves, particularly on the babyface side. WWE Champion Big E remains on Monday nights, though he got separated from his New Day brothers again. 2021 Royal Rumble winners Edge and Bianca Belair are the biggest movers from SmackDown so far.

With these babyfaces joining the roster, the red brand needs to acquire some top heel stars on Day Two of the WWE Draft. A few selections might be completely story-based, and some of these performrs are already on the show. Additionally, other picks, who are currently members of the blue brand, will likely move to Mondays to balance the roster.

This list will look at five Superstars who need to move to RAW on Day Two of the WWE Draft. Who do you want to see move to the red brand? Let us know in the comments below.

#5 Montez Ford to RAW – WWE Draft 2021


This move is seemingly a formality. Montez Ford should join his wife, Bianca Belair on Monday Night RAW. That being said, what remains a mystery is whether The Street Profits will remain together following the WWE Draft.

Ford was showcased in singles action last week, as he took on Roman Reigns in the main event of SmackDown. This bout may have been booked in order to test the waters on a full-blown singles run for the former Tag Team Champion.

If Ford and Angelo Dawkins get separated in the WWE Draft, it could be bad news for the latter, who has been a tag team specialist for several years. Ford, on the other hand, can become a huge star on RAW. For this reason, he should make the move, whether Dawkins joins him or not.

#4 Kevin Owens to RAW – WWE Draft 2021


With Kevin Owens’ WWE contract likely coming up in a few months, the company may want to present him with one final push to convince him to stay. This successful run could happen on RAW, especially if he turns heel. KO would be a great challenger for Big E or Damian Priest, the brand’s top champions right now.

Regardless of his looming free agency, Owens needs to switch brands, as he has done everything he can on SmackDown. The former WWE Universal Champion can now engage in a few more storylines on the red brand, if he moves there in the WWE Draft.

Owens could do with some freshening up, even if he ends up leaving the company in a few months. Plus, he can put multiple stars over on RAW and make it a stronger brand.

#3 Sami Zayn to RAW – WWE Draft 2021


Sami Zayn is currently engaged in a loose program with Rey and Dominik Mysterio, who moved to RAW during the WWE Draft. He has defeated Dominik a few times, and he most recently gave the younger Mysterio some advice that might drive the father-son duo apart.

The Mysterios have already been selected by RAW, so fans may see this storyline unfold on the red brand, along with Zayn’s role in a potential split between Rey and Dominik. Even beyond this angle, The Great Liberator is a perfect fit for RAW.

The three-hour format can help him tell more drawn-out stories through his promos, while he can also showcase his in-ring excellence in longer matches. To top it all off, Zayn might even show fans the long-awaited premiere of his conspiracy documentary on RAW.

#2 The Usos to RAW – WWE Draft 2021


This week’s episode of SmackDown saw Roman Reigns give Paul Heyman an ultimatum. He must go to RAW on Monday and ensure that The Usos are drafted to SmackDown; if he doesn’t, Heyman will face The Tribal Chief’s wrath. It is definitely tempting to see what might happen if Heyman fails to get the job done.

Therefore, Jimmy and Jey Uso should move to RAW on Day Two of the WWE Draft. But this shift should simply happen in order to create more tension between Reigns and Heyman. The Tribal Chief can subsequently step in and demand his cousins to be brought back to SmackDown.

The Head of the Table can pressure FOX and USA to sanction a trade, in the aftermath of the WWE Draft, between The Usos and a team like The New Day. This dramatic situation would make for compelling television, and it would also further establish the Universal Champion’s power within WWE.

As a bonus, it could allow The New Day to return to RAW alongside Big E. SmackDown picked Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on the first night of the WWE Draft, and many fans were quite disappointed to see the trio get split up again. But this forced trade could give the members of the WWE Universe what they want by putting the three stars back on the same brand.

#1 Sasha Banks to RAW – WWE Draft 2021


Now that RAW has lost its Women’s Champion in the WWE Draft, the brand needs another top star in its women’s division. Charlotte Flair’s move to SmackDown leaves a gaping hole on RAW, and it seems like the red brand is facing two paths moving forward.

First, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch could shift brands on Day Two and exchange her title with Charlotte’s. This trade would be lazy and repetitive, as the tag team champions did the same thing at last year’s WWE Draft. Also, this pick would likely mean that Seth Rollins has to move so he can be with his wife. But if WWE wants to keep him on SmackDown, there’s another way to address Flair’s absence on RAW.

The company can draft another top heel to take The Queen’s place on the red brand, and that’s where Sasha Banks comes in. By moving to RAW, The Boss can continue her feud with Bianca Belair after their Triple Threat Match with Becky Lynch at Crown Jewel.


Meanwhile, Charlotte can lose her RAW Women’s Championship at the same event before she shifts over to the blue brand. In doing so, she can create a new star who can carry RAW moving forward.

This direction would be more effective than simply seeing Lynch swap her SmackDown Women’s Championship with Charlotte’s title. No matter what happens next in the WWE Draft, the company needs to come up with something more creative than that.

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