5 things WWE RAW got right after Day 1: Brock Lesnar finds new challenger; Paul Heyman becomes the advocate (January 3, 2022)

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5 things WWE RAW got right after Day 1: Brock Lesnar finds new challenger; Paul Heyman becomes the advocate (January 3, 2022)

Monday Night RAW after Day 1 is expected to be massive. Brock Lesnar found himself in the WWE Championship match on Saturday night and took down four other men to win the title once again. His victory ended Big E’s first world title reign abruptly.

RK-Bro was also impressive at Day 1 as they defeated The Street Profits to retain the RAW Tag Team Championships. WWE is looking to build new challengers for Riddle and Randy Orton right away to keep the tag team titles scene in the spotlight.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. failed to defeat Queen Zelina and Carmella for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Meanwhile, Omos and AJ Styles were ready to battle in one of the biggest matches of the night.

Edge and Beth Phoenix took to the RAW ring to challenge The It Couple to a tag team match at the Royal Rumble. While The Miz accepted the challenge, Maryse wasn’t too thrilled with the decision.

The show had some ups and downs, but overall, WWE did well to keep the momentum going after Day 1. Check out the five things WWE got right on RAW this week.

#5. Paul Heyman reunited with Brock Lesnar on WWE RAW

Roman Reigns had to sit out WWE Day 1 on Saturday night. Brock Lesnar still managed to have a world championship match at the event and had the last laugh. The Beast Incarnate defeated Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, and Big E to win the WWE Championship.

This week, RAW opened with Paul Heyman in the middle of the ring. He brought out the new WWE Champion and indicated they are back together.

Lesnar brought steel steps into the ring and stood on them. He took a shot at Roman Reigns and called himself the real champion of WWE.

The Beast Incarnate asked the crowd to acknowledge him before revealing that Heyman got him the WWE title match at Day 1. The advocate talked up the entire matter to make his client look even better.

The segment went well for Lesnar and Heyman. WWE had to scrap some plans to make new ones after Reigns tested positive for COVID. It feels like Heyman has been rushed back with Lesnar.

However, the entire scenario seems to have worked well, and it looks like Lesnar will be getting into some good rivalries before getting back into a storyline with Reigns.

#4. Otis picked up a big win for Alpha Academy on WWE RAW

Riddle and Randy Orton retained their WWE RAW Tag Team Championships at Day 1. The duo was ready to continue their rivalry with Alpha Academy this week.

Otis and Chad Gable attacked the champions before the match got going. Gable took the fight to Riddle early in the contest and isolated him.

The two men had another excellent exchange and kept the ball rolling before Otis came into the ring. Alpha Academy continued to ensure that Orton remained out of the equation.

The Original Bro hit Otis with a running knee and looked to finish him off with the RKO. But the latter caught Riddle mid-air and reversed the RKO into a big slam for the win.

WWE has built up Otis several times but never given him that final push. Some strong performances can easily take him to the top of the roster. Alpha Academy will likely move into the RAW Tag Team Championships picture for the Royal Rumble.

#3. Omos decimated AJ Styles on WWE RAW

A week after their scheduled match, AJ Styles and Omos finally went to war on WWE RAW. The veteran played mind games with the giant early in the contest and rolled out of the ring. The Giant responded by hitting a big boot to the face to remind Styles that he wasn’t just any ordinary competitor.

Styles tried to weaken Omos and cut him down to size with some kicks to his legs. The Phenomenal One continued to throw everything at his former partner, but he couldn’t bring down the big man.

He prepared to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, but Omos swatted him out of the air with one hand. He picked up Styles and hit a two-handed chokeslam for a big win.

The match wasn’t too great, but RAW did well to build Omos on TV. It looks like WWE wants to rush the rivalry and quickly build The Heavyweight for something bigger. That’s why the match was held on RAW instead of the Royal Rumble.

Omos could be the top performer at the 2022 Royal Rumble. RAW shouldn’t stretch the rivalry for too long and, instead, take Styles to the United States Championship picture soon.

#2. Damian Priest picked up a convincing victory on WWE RAW

WWE RAW looked set to put Damian Priest’s temper to the test again on Monday night. He defended the United States Championship against Dolph Ziggler. However, he would lose the title if he was disqualified or counted out.

Ziggler slapped Priest early on to incite him. The Archer of Infamy held his nerves and ensured he would not be disqualified again. The Showoff looked to take control early and spiked him with a tornado DDT to the floor.

The United States Champion fought back and built some momentum. Ziggler countered the Broken Arrow and nearly picked up the win with a running knee.

Robert Roode looked to get involved in the contest and helped his partner out behind the referee’s back. The Archer of Infamy went after Roode and beat him down at ringside. Soon after, he beat the 10-count, but Ziggler caught him with the Zig Zag.

Priest kicked out and blocked a superkick before hitting the Reckoning for the win on RAW. It was a good contest that kept both competitors in the spotlight. Ziggler was phenomenal once again and helped the champion build a good match.

RAW is holding back Priest’s heel turn for longer, and it will be interesting to see who brings out the worst side of The Archer in the weeks to come.

#1. Bobby Lashley battled his way to a dream match on WWE RAW

WWE RAW hosted a big match to close the show on Monday night. Big E, Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens went head-to-head to determine who would be the first challenger to Brock Lesnar.

All four men went at each other from the opening bell. Big E took out KO while Lashley got rid of Rollins before the two powerhouses met back in the ring.

Lashley’s strength proved too much for Big E as The All-Mighty leveled him with a vertical suplex. Owens and Rollins worked together again to bury Lashley under part of the barricade and power bombed Big E through the announce table.

Big E and Lashley fought back and chased the two men into the crowd. Big E slammed Owens through the merch table as chaos ensued. KO returned the favor by jumping off a higher section of seating to take his opponents out.

Back in the ring, The All-Mighty looked to end the match. He hit all three men with Spears before pinning Owens to win on RAW. It was a good contest that helped elevate the entire episode.

RAW after Day 1 wasn’t too great, but the final match helped build excitement around a dream match. WWE must avoid adding more superstars to the WWE Championship match between Lesnar and Lashley at the Royal Rumble.


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