Daniel Bryan Playing Key Role In WWE And New Japan Negotiations

While not confirmed he’s actively involved, WWE may have an ace up their sleeve when it comes to working out a talent and cross-promotional deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Reports that WWE has been in negotiations with NJPW have been front and center in the wrestling industry Friday. Some are suggesting this is a great development since it will open doors for the two promotions to work together. Others don’t love the idea because WWE’s exclusive partnership could mean NJPW may not be able to work with AEW down the road.

The deal isn’t finalized and it’s not clear what the terms of any new working relationship would include, but additional reports suggest one key name might be at the center of all this discussion.

As per a story on SESCOOPs.com, “PWinsider.com reports Daniel Bryan was a topic of discussion in the recent talks.” Part of the discussion is centered around a potential plan to have him work some dates for NJPW. It’s not clear if Bryan has been included in the actual talks or negotiations, but it sounds like WWE sees him playing a key role in all of this.

This is also important to note because, technically, Bryan is not working with WWE right now. His contract expired, and while most believe he’ll be back with WWE, speculation was that he’d like to work with outside promotions and set the stage for some dream matches. If WWE and NJPW are working together, it ups the chances Bryan returns.

vince mcmahon and daniel bryan

As it stands right now, no deal has been reached and talks have been on and off. Perhaps just the idea that WWE is open to these types of relationships gives Bryan more confidence he can extend his deal with WWE and get the matches he’s really excited to do.

WWE Working Two Relationships At Once Here?

If WWE is focused in on Bryan working on this with them and NJPW and Bryan is eager to do so, it’s only great news for Vince McMahon. It will be the first time WWE has worked with NJPW since the 1970s and it will practically ensure Bryan is back.

And, if all of this happens to lessen the chances Bryan jumps ship because he wants to work on outside projects, thus lessening any chances AEW gets their hands on Bryan, this seems like a win/win/win.

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