WATCH: Hulk Hogan’s Genuine Reaction After Finding Out His Iconic WrestleMania Opponent Credited Him for His Successful Career

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Hulk Hogan is one WWE icon who is recognized all over the world. The legendary wrestler inspired the crowd by enduring the fight until the end, even with carrying major injuries, and made them all Hulkamaniacs.

During his interview on the YouTube Channel, The Hannibal TV, with the interviewer and former wrestler Hannibal, ‘The Hulkster’ recollected some warm memories of his former opponent, King Kong Bundy. Also, Hulk reacted to Hannibal telling how much Bundy appreciated him for his successful career.

Bundy Was Nice To Hulk Hogan, But Heavy-Handed As Hell

The WWE Legend appeared on The Hannibal TV podcast yesterday and talked about various things such as his top opponents, future plans, etc. While picking his top 5 opponents, Hulkster put King Kong Bundy in the list.


Later on the podcast, Hannibal added that King Kong Bundy “loved him (Hulk)” and “did credit him (Hulk) for getting into WrestleMania 2 and being a huge part of his career.”

Moreover, ‘The Hulkster’ said that King Kong Bundy was “heavy-handed as hell” inciting light laughter from Hannibal.

The Weird Deal of WrestleMania 2

Talking about WrestleMania 2, the Hulk revealed how it was “a weird deal.”

“That WrestleMania 2 was a good one, man. That was a weird deal, to have that thing at three different locations, and to wrestle him on that steel cage and that little storyline. If everything went awry and screwed it up, if everything went into the ocean in New York and Chicago, we just still held our own. We’d have been okay,” The Hulkster said.

Furthermore, Hogan answered Hannibal’s question about who he would pick now to wrestle with. Hulk immediately chose Roman Reigns and made a joke that he would be “in a wheelchair” if he picks Brock Lesnar.“The first one I’d pick would definitely be Roman Reigns. I’d love to say Brock Lesnar too, but oh my God, if I faced him now I’d definitely end up in a wheelchair. I’m fine!”

Besides, the 12-time World Champion turned down the possibility of an in-ring return saying to “forget it” as he has had many surgeries and health issues in the last decade.

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