WATCH: Brock Lesnar Knocks Out Security Guard With an Office Chair on WWE SmackDown

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Brock Lesnar is a very powerful athlete. The WWE Champion has the ability to do things in the ring that many WWE Superstars cannot do as easily. The Beast is not someone to take lightly, as he has shown repeatedly the kind of destruction he can bring.

Moreover, Brock just keeps getting faster and stronger with age and it looks like he is unstoppable. The Beast gave a taste of his destructive power on SmackDown this week.

This week’s SmackDown featured the contract signing for one of the biggest main events in WrestleMania history. The WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will face the Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a winner take all match. This match would create history as it will be a title unification match.

However, when it comes to contract signings in WWE, they hardly go smoothly. The ring already contained security guards to contain the action. However, Brock Lesnar once again showed why he is called ‘The Beast’.

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns shared some heated words. With Heyman lighting the fire, Lesnar was ready to fight Roman. Roman Reigns claimed that he runs the show and everything and everyone in WWE work for him, including the security guards. As soon as the security guards encircled Brock Lesnar, he did not waste any more time.

He took them all on by himself. The Beast kicked and punched his way through the guards while flipping over the table. He then showed his raw power when he took one of the chairs and threw it right at one of the guards almost effortlessly.

Brock ended the bout by giving an F5 to another security guard decimating Romans’ security, while The Tribal Chief walked away with The Bloodline.

Craziest things Brock Lesnar has done in WWE

Brock Lesnar has worked for WWE for a very long time. He made his debut in 2002 and twenty years later; he has only gotten much more destructive. While Brock left WWE for a while, his tenure is long enough to earn him a list of insane moments of his own.


He has superplexed giants and has gone extreme with weapons in WWE. Brock Lesnar is a phenomenal athlete with the kind of strength that scares his opponents like nothing else. The Beast seems ready to end Roman Reigns’ record-breaking title reign at WrestleMania in April.

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