Watch: Rare Video of the Undertaker and Kane Playing Tennis Against Legendary WWE Faction to Mark the End of Us Open 1998

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What happens when WWE legends, including The Undertaker, play tennis? Well, it must be fun to watch the heavyweight champions who use sledgehammers and steel chairs, test their talent with the racket.

WWE has created several hilarious commercials to rev up their promotions. From Olympics to Super Bowl, they have made plenty of collaborations that made the company more favored with American Television. Here is an interesting WWF commercial from 1998 in the theme of US Open.

When the notorious WWE faction changed ‘Attitude’ on the Court

The commercial was set out to be a promotion of WWE RAW 1998. Subsequently, the US Open tennis tournament was happening in the first weeks of September and it hit the charts well. However, the ad turned out to be gripping as the ‘tennis match” almost becomes ‘RAW’ when Kane pops up from the line.


In the ad, the chair umpire and the commentator are doing their job as the D-Generation X are playing tennis as a team against The Undertaker. Also, the serve is upon the Undertaker and he comes closer as he is all ready to fight them. Then, the commentator asks if somebody from DX wants to serve and Billy Gunn takes it and hits the ball high in the air.

Surprisingly, Kane enters the court in the next shot and then the ‘Deadman’ gets all aggravated. Likewise, the whole tone of the court changes into a WWE arena and “things have gotten out of control” as the commentator exclaims. In the end, the calm chair umpire calls the score “15-love” (15-0), which makes it even more humorous.

The Undertaker Vs Kane

The Undertaker and Kane rivalry is something that eternalized the Attitude Era. ‘The Brothers of Destruction’ dominated the ring and had an impeccable chemistry that made many wonder if they were actually brothers. Oddly, the Undertaker’s first incarnation was initially ‘Kane the Undertaker’, with a costume similar to ‘The Big Red Machine’.


However, both of their gimmicks turned out as perfectly fitting, and it facilitated the evolution of WWE. Additionally, 1998 witnessed some of the most nerve-wracking matches between the Undertaker and Kane. The Inferno match at Unforgiven 1998, the Casket match and many more added glory to the era.

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