“We Made a Ton of Money Together”: Iconic 90s Villain Recalls Working With The Undertaker in WWE

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The Undertaker debuted in 1990 at Survivor Series as the mystery partner for The Million Dollar Team. We all are aware of the story of how Vince McMahon contacted Mark Calaway to become The Undertaker in WWE.

The Chairman already had cosmic plans for the character before his debut. In a few months, The Deadman became a legit WWE superstar, and every wrestler wanted to have a match with him. Not everybody got a chance to face The Deadman.

Some of those wrestlers The Undertaker faced in his early career were Kamala, Yokozuna, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, etc.

The Undertaker was the biggest dog on the porch

Recently, former WWE superstar Mr.Curtis Hughes, who was also one of the early opponents of The Undertaker, appeared on Wrestling Shoot Interviews. He discussed the major program he had with The Deadman in 1993 and what it was like to be with him outside the ring.

Hughes said, “I mean he’s a good man. I’m glad I had the opportunity to wrestle him, work with him. We made a ton of money together and sold out a lot of arenas. It was a dream come true to work with that dude because he was like the biggest dog on the porch and lot of people were in line to wrestle him.”

He added, “So Vince chose me and trusted me to get in there and draw some money man. It was freaking awesome, it was awesome working with the guy man.”

Hughes wrestled in WWE thrice in his career, of which the longest was in 1993. He was glad that he got a major feud with The Undertaker in 1993. Although he lost all the matches against The Phenom, it made a name for Mr. Hughes in the business, a wrestler who had a major program with The Undertaker.

How did Mr. Curtis Hughes find he will feud with The Deadman?

Before joining WWE, Hughes was having stints at WCW. He left the company in 1992 and joined USWA for a brief period. After he joined WWE, they added him in the feud with The Undertaker in 1993.

Hughes didn’t know that his initial major feud was with The Phenom. In the interview, he said, “I didn’t know at the time. Just one night out the blue man. I didn’t know that Vince had plans, but I kind of saw out little picture one night.”

He added, “Vince comes in the dressing room and DiBiase tells him what the finish is, ‘Hey Vince here’s the finish stop it outside we’re gonna get it on Curtis’. Vince goes, ‘Oh no no no no no I got plans for him.”

Post this Hughes started winning all the matches in WWE, as McMahon was preparing him for a potential feud with The Undertaker. The Phenom faced a number of opponents in his career and most of his feuds drew money.

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