“What the Hell is That?”: Olympic Gold Medalist Had No Idea Who WWE Megastar Hulk Hogan Was

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Vince McMahon had big plans with Hulk Hogan when the Chairman signed The Hulkster in WWE in 1983. Hogan was a heel in his prior company AWA. They quickly changed this in WWE and thus The Hulkamania started rising.

Even though Hogan went to WCW, his stardom never fell in WWE. In fact, when he returned in 2002, he got a warm welcome. This was Hogan’s last run as a wrestler in WWE with multiple returns where he had memorable feuds with The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Shawn Michaels.

Recently, on The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle answered some questions asked by the fans. The questions revolved around WrestleMania 18. There of the question asked was if Angle got star-struck meeting Hulk Hogan for the first time.

Kurt Angle used to play football in high school. His teammates would imitate Hulk Hogan’s iconic pose of showing bicep muscles. Fun fact, Angle wasn’t familiar with pro-wrestling and didn’t know who Hulk Hogan was. Kurt Angle was told to stay away from pro wrestling and when asked about the same in his younger days, he said, “What the hell is that”.

Angle said, “I find out he is a wrestler, he’s a professional wrestler because as an amateur wrestler I was told never to watch pro wrestling. I told you this before and I didn’t really know any of the professional wrestlers, but here I’m imitating Hulk Hogan and I don’t who he is.”

He was star-struck when he met Hulk Hogan for the first time in WWE. Hogan was the first wrestler that Kurt Angle got to know about. Because of Hogan, Angle started to know the world of pro wrestling.

Kurt Angle was away from pro wrestling during his younger days and didn’t know any of the professional wrestlers. Little did he know he would join pro wrestling and become a legend in the business and face Hulk Hogan someday.

Kurt Angle’s friends’ reaction when they found Angle faced Hulk Hogan

Kurt Angle stated he was star-struck when he met the Hulkster for the first time. Hogan is one of the biggest stars in the business. Angle also talked about the reactions of his teammates when they found out Hogan and Angle are going to have a match.

Angle said, “So I found out who he is and he was a huge icon of the business and eventually I got to meet him, and like I told you my friends were freaking out crazy when I wrestled Hulk Hogan. I actually beat him, I made him tap out and they are like holysh*t Kurt. You just made Hulk Hogan tap out. Do you know how incredible that is? I was like, you know, it’s work.”

The friends who told Kurt Angle about The Hulkster were much more excited than The Olympic Gold medalist himself. Angle later in TNA also faced Hulk Hogan several times and both of them have immense respect for each other.

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