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The Heartbreak kid‘ Shawn Michaels was considered one of WWE’s growing stars all through the early ’90s. eventually, the WWE corridor of Famer went on to grow to be one of the best in-ring performers that we’ve ever visible.

So why was Shawn Michaels suspended via WWE in 1993?

He changed into suspended by way of WWE in 1993 for checking out high-quality steroids. Michaels become Intercontinental Champion on the time and was at once stripped of the name. His suspension came at a comparable time when the company changed into rocked by means of a steroid scandal that ended up going to court.

In spite of being suspended by means of WWE, Michaels has by no means showed that he failed a drug test. In later years, Michaels turned into found to have had a substance abuse hassle that regularly derailed his non-public and expert lifestyles.

Bret Hart, a former friend, and foe of the Heartbreak kid discussed Shawn’s substance abuse problems with Fightful:

  1. “here are lots of guys that have the potential to get off and it’s a credit score to Shawn Michaels, absolutely, that he survived, that he’s alive these days. He changed into one of the men, and he’d probably be the primary one to tell you. I’m certain he has, that he had a definitely bad hassle. There are some wrestlers from the one’s days that had extreme drug troubles. And these overcame to them and are alive nowadays; that and are living wealthy and glad lives. It simply suggests you that if not anything is impossible,” Bret Hart said.

Fortuitously, Shawn controlled to get himself clean. He additionally became a born-once more Christian and turned his lifestyle and self-unfavorable behavior aroundthese days, Michaels has cemented his legacy as one of the finest performers of all time.

Earlier this year, Shawn Michaels spoke with inside the Ropes and defined how he’d cope with a talent who become much like him at a younger age:

“I do not know. I don’t suppose I’d cope with them, and I’d likely advise that we permit him to movehe’s going to be nothing but troubleregardless of how talented he iseither that or get him to assistwhilst you see that kind of capacity and they may be young, and they’re simply angry at everything, and obviously have a problem — as opposed to putting off them, the first thing you possibly must be doing is supporting them,” Shawn Michaels stated.

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