Wrestling Veteran Claims Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Evil Episode Happened Because of Vince McMahon

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The attitude era saw Vince McMahon finally appearing on WWE television as the owner of the company. But prior to the attitude era, Mr. McMahon portrayed himself as the color commentator of WWE.

When McMahon started appearing on TV, they established him as a heel and thereby creating the evil boss character. Vince McMahon’s children Shane and Stephanie McMahon also started appearing on WWE TV sometime later. They too were introduced as heels, especially The Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon.

No doubt, Stephanie McMahon played a fantastic heel character. In fact, she recently got her own episode of the WWE and Peacock series EVIL.

Jim Cornette claims Stephanie McMahon got an episode in EVIL because of Vince McMahon

Recently, Jim Cornette on his YouTube podcast presented his views about Stephanie McMahon’s episode of the WWE and Peacock series EVIL. Cornette had some mixed feelings in his opinion about the episode.

Cornette said, “But she had a spot that was created specifically because she was the daughter of the owner of the company. She’s a very good promo…Shane and Stephanie can both talk and she presented herself as she was supposed to.”

He added, “A lot of other people could not have carried that off. But still it was what it was. The reason that she was involved was because of the Evil McMahon empire and the interplay between them. If She was anybody else in the world, she wouldn’t have the spot and it wouldn’t have worked.”

Jim Cornette was a part of the WWE for almost 13 years. Indeed, he has seen the evolution of the company and the McMahon character. This is why Cornette feels that she got an EVIL episode because of Vince McMahon.

However, Stephanie McMahon is considered a great heel. She knows how to draw massive heat from the crowd. Her role in the Authority storyline against Daniel Bryan speaks for her caliber.

Stephanie McMahon is not a wrestler

Jim Cornette also shed light on Stephanie McMahon’s in-ring abilities while talking about her EVIL episode.

Cornette said, “She never worked anywhere in any promotion but the WWE. She was never really a wrestler although she wrestled a couple of gimmick matches, she was never really a manager although she was in the corner a few times of people.”

Even though Stephanie McMahon is not a professional wrestler, she has been a part of a few matches. Her match with Brie Bella and mixed tag team match against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle are some major highlights in her career. She has also won the Women’s Champion once in her in-ring career.

Are you a fan of Stephanie McMahon? Do you agree with Jim Cornette’s comments? Let us know in the comments below.

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