WWE Biggest Winners & Losers of 2021

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Everyone has their ups and downs throughout the year, but some tend to lean a little more one way than the other.

Even in the world of professional wrestling, talents from All Elite Wrestling and WWE just happened to have a great year, while others struggled or found themselves in some very unfortunate situations.

For every winner in a match, there has to be a loser. Every new champion means someone else just dropped the belt.

Looking back on 2021, here are some of the biggest winners and losers from both companies who either had plenty to smile about or couldn’t manage to turn a frown upside down.

Two years ago, NXT was put on the USA Network to compete on equal footing with Raw and SmackDown at Survivor Series. This year, WWE did a 180-degree turn, tossed it all in the trash and lit it on fire.

Vince McMahon must have looked at the Black and Gold era of NXT as a failure for not putting AEW out of business and decided extreme measures must be taken.

Whether they were still in NXT or had been moved up to the main roster, many talents weren’t safe.

Karrion Kross went from an unstoppable champion to a loser in awful ring gear and was fired alongside Scarlett, who never got to wrestle or even be his manager on Raw one time.

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