WWE Elimination Chamber – 5 things that should not happen at any cost

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WWE Elimination Chamber will take place in Saudi Arabia this year, and the card is stacked as ever. Even if it’s a plain-jane show without a bunch of surprises, it is still pretty much guaranteed to be a winner.

That said, avoiding the following mistakes at WWE Elimination Chamber will ensure that the weeks and months following the show do not suffer. Sports entertainment, after all, is a never-ending drama series. One misstep could derail the momentum entirely and drive a whole bunch of fans away.

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As always, feel free to voice your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Remember that you do not have to agree with us. If you believe that the opinions listed here are not missteps, let us know.

#5 At WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, Austin Theory should not become the WWE Champion

Austin Theory is clearly marked for great success. That said, he should not be the winner of the men’s WWE Elimination Chamber match just yet, because it’s far too early to put the title around his waist.

Yes, he is destined to do great things in the future, and Vince McMahon clearly recognizes that. But fast-tracking him to the main event would be a repetition of the Roman Reigns episode. Remember how the audience just wouldn’t accept ‘The Big Dog’?

Honestly, either Bobby Lashley or Brock Lesnar should win the big match. Nobody else has been portrayed as being dominant or strong enough to pick up a victory against these golems. Not even Seth Rollins in his current avatar.

But having Austin Theory pick up the biggest win of his career so very early would be a genuine mistake. It may curtail his momentum significantly.

#4 As great as Lita is, she should not defeat Becky Lynch in Saudi Arabia

Lita had her time in the spotlight, but at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, she should be a mere statistic in Becky Lynch’s legacy. Lynch should defeat Lita in a competitive match to take on the winner of the Elimination Chamber.

This is not a slight at the legend, who is absolutely incredible and deserves all the praise for being so awesome even to this date. But Lynch is the star of the current generation, and Lita should be a building block on her way to greatness.

#3 Goldberg should not stand tall at WWE Elimination Chamber as the Universal Champion

And the same applies for Goldberg as well. Sure, he gets a positive reaction from fans, especially those who remember him from another era. But the fact of the matter is that Roman Reigns is the best thing going in all of pro wrestling at the moment and his momentum should not be derailed. Certainly not by a part-time WWE Superstar.

#2 Either Bianca Belair or Rhea Ripley should win the WWE Elimination Chamber match

With all due respect to Doudrop and Liv Morgan, few fans want to see them square up against Becky Lynch again. Alexa Bliss is an interesting choice, but it just seems like it may be too soon to fast-track her into the WWE RAW Women’s Championship picture.

As for Nikki A.S.H., she’s lost way too many times to be seen as a serious Championship contender. Either Rhea Ripley or Bianca Belair needs to win this big match.

#1 Under no circumstances must Madcap Moss defeat Drew McIntyre in Saudi Arabia

Yes, it’s a falls count anywhere match, which means that Happy Corbin can potentially get involved in the fracas. But that said, Drew McIntyre needs to vanquish Madcap Moss at WWE Elimination Chamber because he’s potentially the only threat to Roman Reigns at this time.

The SmackDown roster lacks serious babyfaces that could defeat the Tribal Chief. This is why McIntyre needs to overcome the odds and defeat Madcap Moss in Saudi Arabia.

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