WWE honours Nigerian family, gives them gift for remaking Roman Reign’s entrance

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WWE recognized the talent of a group of Nigerian content creators after they remade the entrance of Roman Reigns

Their recreation video went viral and it got the attention of the athlete who could not hide his surprise at their accuracy

Many Nigerians celebrated them as they said the brothers should not be surprised if they are invited abroad

A young man with the TikTok handle @ebukadikeh and his brothers who are known for recreating different wrestling entrances of popular athletes hit a goldmine.

A few weeks ago, someone asked him to remake the entrance of popular WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), champion, Roman Reigns. @ebukadikeh and his team did it with so much skill.

Recognition and a gift

The video then went viral with over 100,000 views. Days after that clip, Roman Reigns and the entire WWE recongised their remaking skill and appreciated them.

In a new clip shared by @ebukadikeh on his page, Roman Reigns and his entire crew were all astounded as they praised the Nigerian content creators.

That was not all. On Twitter, it was revealed that the wrestling body gave the brothers a special code to input on their console to have access to their products.

Ikorodu Bois’ prefect recreation

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that Ikorodu Bois did it again with their special creativity. Remember the video of a young lady who started a challenge of wearing outfits that match different Ferraris and Lambos?

They employed the use of wheelbarrows and a makeshift toy car painted in different colours to remake the challenge.

When her video went viral on Nigerian social media space, people said her challenge would not become popular because not many people can get different expensive cars with cool colours.

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