WWE Legend Accuses Vince McMahon for Treating the Tag Team Division as “Disposable”

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Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy dominated the tag team championship throughout their career. However, In the recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy claimed his old boss, Vince McMahon, believed tag teams were “disposable.”

On the show, Hardy explains how tag teams suffered and were not being given similar opportunities as solo wrestlers. However, they get the chance to compete in the major event, but their bouts aren’t headlined and aren’t remembered.

Talking on the show with Jon Alba, Hardy stated, “I just really think Vince never saw Tag Team like a main event draw. He just didn’t. The tag teams were disposable, you know. I mean, he knew we were killing it as far as doing the merch. The royalties we were making were out of this world. But I still think he kind of felt like we were all Teflon, and it didn’t hurt us to get beat.”

“You know, even though I feel like to maintain credibility. You do need to pick up wins, especially in key situations. But just tag team wrestling has never been Vince’s thing.”

Furthermore, Hardy claimed that McMahon is always on the hunt for the next solo star, breakout star, or someone he can build his brand around.

Jeff Hardy And Matt Hardy’s WWE Career

The Hardy Boys are currently signed with the AEW. Matt and Jeff made their WWF debuts in 1999. In fact, the Hardy Boyz pioneered the first ladder match in WWE. Both established their own organization that specialized in backyard wrestling shows.

However, they were quickly signed by the WWE. Matt began working as a jobber for WWE in 1994 and received his first contract in 1998. The Hardy Boyz are one of the greatest tag teams in Pro Wrestling history.

WWE promoted the Hardy Boyz as one of their top tag teams soon after they signed contracts. They won several tag team championships. However, in 2002, both parted up in order to attain greater success as individuals.

In addition, they have won six World Tag Team Championships, and they had held the WCW World Tag Team Championship. The Hardy Boyz also won individual championships.

Do you believe The Hardy Boyz are the greatest tag team ever? Please leave your comments.

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