WWE Legend Defends Goldberg Wrestling in High Profile Matches at 55: “Five Star Matches Mean Nothing if You Are Not Drawing Money”

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Bill Goldberg is a pro-wrestler who got over the fans quickly during his time in WCW. He was the big powerhouse who could demolish any opponent in quick succession. We recognize him as the pro-wrestler who popularised the finisher spear. It seemed he was smashing a hard brick wall while giving a spear.

Goldberg had a one-year first run in WWE post which he took a hiatus from wrestling for over 12 years. He came back to WWE in 2018 to challenge Brock Lesnar and stayed with the company for five years. As of now after Elimination Chamber, his contract is up with WWE and he is a free agent in Pro – Wrestling world.

Recently, on Ric Flair’s YouTube channel podcast, Flair and his co-host, Mark Madden, discussed Goldberg’s run with WWE. Ric Flair claimed that he was involved backstage with Vince McMahon to bring Goldberg to WWE in 2003. He recalled telling Vince how Goldberg would have easily succeeded in WWE during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Goldberg did not leave WWE on good terms but came back and got Vince’s trust in him back. Flair commented, “It’s kind of like I say, the guys that made a name for themselves that mean something 10 years after they have been removed and can comeback and mean something. Those are guys that are special.”

Goldberg drew a lot of money to the company

Ric Flair claimed that Goldberg’s first run in WWE was much better than his run in WCW (opponent vise). Back in 2003, there was Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, and Flair himself to face Goldberg.

Mark Madden and Flair discussed how any wrestler didn’t need a five-start match to get over fans. Flair said, “He drew money. Five star matches mean nothing if you are not drawing money.”

Flair also added, “We have seen a lot of star matches that Don’t draw money.”

Goldberg was a unique pro-wrestler

In the latter half of the podcast, Madden asked Flair that did Goldberg reminded him of any pro-wrestler from his days of wrestling. Flair said, “I think Bill was pretty unique.”

Flair could not think of anybody who resembled Goldberg. According to Flair, Goldberg was a 280-pound athlete who was strong and agile, something very few pro-wrestlers possessed back in the day of Flair.

Goldberg is indeed a unique athlete. He came back after a long time to WWE and earned every bit of respect for the position he has today in WWE.

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