WWE Legend Goldberg Fought Roman Reigns Despite Suffering From Multiple Unhealed Injuries

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The Elimination Chamber 2022 witnessed a colossal loss of the WWE legend Goldberg at the hands of The Tribal Chief. Last night at the Premium Live Event, finally, The Icon could get his hands on Reigns. But, despite Goldberg hitting two spears on Reigns, Goldberg did not have the last laugh on Roman.

The WWE Hall of Famer found himself in a guillotine lock, and eventually, the match was counted out and Goldberg lost via submission. The game lasted for only six minutes, and the Hall of Famer encountered embarrassment in Saudi Arabia.

Two weeks ago, Goldberg appeared on Friday Night SmackDown and challenged the Universal Champion for the championship match. The battle between Roman Reigns and Goldberg was supposed to happen two years ago at WrestleMania 36. However, a coronavirus pandemic interfered with the game. For safety reasons, The Big Dog pulled himself out from the match.

WWE Hall of Famer would have defeated The Head of the Table if he was in his prime!

Before colliding with Roman Reigns, Goldberg appeared on La Previa de WWE to weigh his thoughts on facing the Universal Championship.

Goldberg said, “I feel very different. Goldberg, in his prime, would eat Roman Reigns for lunch, and there would be absolutely no competition, period, end of story. I think by him keeping himself away from me to this point, I think he’s got a chance, but it’s a match that’s a long time coming.” 

The WWE Hall of Famer continued that Roman Reigns does not daunt him. He was ready to go head to head with The Tribal Chief irrespective of time, location, and his age.

The Icon Goldberg was not completely recovered during his match at Elimination Chamber

At SummerSlam 2021, The Almighty Bobby Lashley defeated Goldberg to retain the WWE Championship. However, the WWE Hall of Famer suffered from a knee injury that Bobby Lashley caused.

“My shoulder is completely destroyed, my knee is still messed up from Bobby Lashley, but none of that is going to matter because, to me, I’m still the same guy,” Goldberg added on La Previa de WWE.

Roman Reigns already had an advantage over the 55-years- old, as The Tribal Chief is in his very prime age. However, given his age, the former WWE Universal Champion battled through the competition.

Age is just a number for The Icon, although he suffered multiple injuries ahead of his Universal title match. Goldberg defied all odds, but maybe Elimination Chamber was the last time we got to see him in the ring for action.

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