WWE Legend Recalls Experience of Being the Villain Against The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin: “I Got the Wrong Kind of Heat”

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The latter half of the attitude era saw many storylines and feuds in WWE. There were many new superstars introduced and also many old ones altered themselves on-screen. The Rock had started his acting career by that time, and Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle were among the top heels in the company.

Recently, Kurt Angle on his YouTube show alongside co-host Conrad Thompson discussed this era of WWE. Kurt Angle shared his opinion about working as a heel against The Rock and competing against Austin.

Kurt Angle Angle was working as a heel. However, he suddenly had to turn face for a WWE Championship match against Stone Cold Steve Austin as The Rattlesnake turned heel. This was the case for just a few weeks as Austin had to turn heel again.

Kurt Angle shared his views on working as a heel during that time against The Rock and Austin. Angle recalled a tag team match. He said, “Well it’s something we had to do because it was the four of us going to be in undisputed wrestling tournament and I think they wanted to showcase the match and give us a little bit each of the match.

“I don’t think we had enough heat going into vengeance. If anything I got the wrong kind of heat, Angle slamming Jericho instead of giving heat on The Rock or Austin because Jericho and I were two heels and Rock and Austin were the two babyfaces.”

Chris Jericho won the Undisputed Tournament as he defeated The Rock and Austin on the same night and took both the world titles home that night. Even though Angle lost that night, he did his part of being a heel and putting over Austin and The Rock that night.

Will The Rock have one more match?

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has turned himself into a full-time Hollywood actor. He rarely gets any time for his other endeavors. He has got many amazing movie projects lined up for the future.

The Rock has still taken some time off and appears in WWE sporadically. As Roman Reigns is now at the top of the card as ‘The Tribal Chief ‘ Head of the Table, fans want a Roman vs The Rock match.

Do you want to see The Rock return to WWE for one more match? Let us know.

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