WWE Legend Triple H Devastated After Losing His Close Friend Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon at 63

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The pro wrestling world just learned of the tragic death of Scott Hall. The WWE legend passed away earlier this morning, following complications from surgery and suffering three heart attacks that set him up on life support. His friends and several individuals, including Triple H, took to social media to pay tribute to hall and remember his legacy.

Triple H shared a great bond with Scott Hall. And understandably, Hall’s death has left Triple H devastated. He had been one of Hall’s closest friends since his wrestling days.

‘The Game’ took to Twitter to pay tribute to the legendary Scott Hall. In his caption, Triple H wrote, “I’m gutted…Lost a brother.” Truly, he and Hall shared some great moments in and out of the ring.


Shawn Michaels also took to Twitter and wrote, “I love you my friend!!”. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ too had some memorable moments alongside Scott Hall.


Hall and Michaels battled against each other at WrestleMania 10. On that night, they produced one of the greatest matches in the history of WrestleMania.

Triple H, Michaels, and Hall were a part of the famous group ‘The Kliq’. During his WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2014, ‘The Kliq’ had an emotional reunion.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, and Kevin Nash joined Hall during his WWE Hall of Fame speech, making the moment more memorable.

Scott Hall was a true legend of the pro wrestling world

A true veteran of the game, Scott Hall had it all; From stunning matches to thrilling promos, he entertained the fans throughout his career.

Scott was a man that needs no introduction to the WWE and WCW fans. He was a member of one of pro wrestling’s most famous stable, the nWo (New World Order).

The WWE legend was also one of those few individuals who got inducted twice into the WWE Hall of Fame. First, he got inducted in 2014 as Razor Ramon and later got inducted as a member of the New World Order under his real name.

Not only did he win the hearts of the fans in WWE and WCW, but he also traveled and competed at other pro wrestling promotions as well. Scott Hall was, and will always be one of the biggest superstars in the history of pro wrestling.

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