WWE Officially Changes King Corbin’s Name After Loss On SmackDown

WWE has officially changed King Corbin’s name back to Baron Corbin now that Shinsuke Nakamura is the rightful owner of his crown.

While Roman Reigns is the main reason most people tune into SmackDown at the moment, the blue brand also has a terrific supporting cast. Despite the 50/50 booking of the feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin, their battles have been somewhat entertaining. It seems that rivalry has now come to an end with Nakamura winning Corbin’s crown, the one he stole to kick off their issues.

Nakamura and Corbin’s feud started last month and the two of them shared two wins each over the ensuing weeks. Their rivalry came to a head with what would be a fifth and final match with the winner walking away with the crown. Nakamura won that match and celebrated via his official coronation a week later, last Friday on SmackDown.

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Now that the crown officially belongs to Nakamura, he is truly the King of Strong Style. However, losing his crown also means Corbin can no longer call himself a king. The Lone Wolf had been using the gimmick for so long that WWE actually changed his name from Baron Corbin to King Corbin. Well, no longer, as Corbin has been given back his old name and had his regal title taken away.

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WWE has deemed it so by altering Corbin’s profile on its website, as you can see above. The site is usually where fans first get wind of s potential name change, finding out who the latest Superstar is to lose their first or last name. Not quite the same thing, and it will be interesting to see where both Corbin and Nakamura go after this.

With the return of King of the Ring rumored to be on the horizon, it’s possible Nakamura doesn’t get to spend much time with his newly won crown. Unless he enters the tournament himself and wins, of course. As for Corbin, WWE appears to have been high on him for a while but unwilling to push him up to the very top level. Maybe now is that time, and perhaps he will be the next challenger fed to Roman Reigns.

UPDATE: According to Jeremy Lambert of Fightful, WWE recently filed a trademark on the term ‘Happy Corbin’ which could hint at another potential name change for the artist formerly known as King Corbin.

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