WWE Rumor Roundup – 9-time Champion picked as the next Brock Lesnar, Surprising star to turn heel and join Judgment Day, and more

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Welcome to another edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE Rumor Roundup. Brock Lesnar makes it back to the roundup section today as the company has reportedly chosen the superstar who will replace him.

The WWE Rumor Roundup also features a big update on the rumored fourth member of Judgment Day.

Roman Reigns is inarguably WWE’s most bankable star, and there is always speculation about his future. The latest lineup of stories concludes with an exciting update on the next planned opponent for The Tribal Chief.

#3. Roman Reigns is WWE’s new Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has not stepped inside a wrestling ring since WrestleMania 38. The Beast Incarnate has been WWE’s trusted part-timer in recent years, but it seems like the responsibility has now fallen upon Roman Reigns to be the company’s star attraction.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the plan is for Roman Reigns to be built up as the “new Brock Lesnar.” The reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion is expected to have an unbeatable aura about himself, similar to that of Lesnar.

It was additionally stated that Reigns would appear on fewer dates moving forward, making him a straightforward replacement for his arch-rival, Brock Lesnar.

“It seems the idea now is to try and make Reigns into a new Lesnar, a guy who beats everyone and is portrayed at a level of his own, while he only works limited dates,” said Dave Meltzer.

The 9-time champion has cemented his position as the company’s most valuable asset. The new Brock Lesnar-like contract rewards Reigns’ exceptional track record as Vince McMahon also looks to protect his top guy.

#2. Spoiler on the possible plan for Edge’s Judgment Day faction

Judgment Day has been pushed as a formidable alliance following the additions of Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest. Edge and his two followers have put the entire roster on notice, but there is also room for expansion.

Rumors of the stable receiving a fourth member have circulated recently, and a surprising name has emerged as the likely candidate.

d Shepard revealed on his Patreon – via Ringside News – that the creative plan is for Finn Balor to turn heel and join Judgment Day. Balor has sided with AJ Styles during the latter’s feud with Edge, but the storyline could soon feature a significant twist:

“The current creative plan calls for Finn Balor to turn on AJ Styles and join Edge’s Judgement Day faction. I do not know when that is planned to happen,” revealed Shepard.

As reported earlier, WWE officials have spoken about adding another member to Edge’s group. However, is Finn Balor the ideal choice?

#1. Backstage News on Roman Reigns’ upcoming opponent

Roman Reigns is evidently running out of credible opponents during his historic reign. The Head of the Table has conquered every challenger that’s come his way. Amidst rumors of his new part-time status, he is still slated to headline the Money in the Bank and SummerSlam events.

Regarding Reigns’ opponent, the idea being discussed backstage is to have either Riddle or Randy Orton in the spot. For that to happen, however, WWE would have to book RK-Bro to split, and that could be the creative direction heading into the summer:

“The current creative plan is likely to be Riddle or Randy Orton as one of the upcoming contenders versus Roman,” continued Brad Shepard, “which may indicate RKBro is breaking up.”

Do you like the sound of Riddle or Orton taking on Reigns for the world title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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