WWE SmackDown – 5 Possible surprises – IMPACT Champion confronts Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar confronted by unexpected name

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Let’s go all-out this week with WWE SmackDown predictions, ladies and gentlemen. The possibilities are limitless with the 2022 Royal Rumble on the horizon and the metaphorical forbidden door being opened.

Of course, there’s a big chance that none of these predictions may indeed transpire. There’s a big chance that something you may suggest in the comments could come true. So here’s an invitation to put your creative hats on, unleash the booker in you, and share your thoughts in the comments.

So, without further ado, here are five WWE SmackDown surprises that may be on the cards. Even if they’re not, what’s the harm in thinking of the best-case scenarios, right?

#5 Could WWE SmackDown be graced by the arrival of the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion?


The forbidden door has truly opened with Moose being very vocal about facing Roman Reigns, the current Universal Champion. Fans have also been optimistic about such an encounter because who doesn’t want dream matches of this nature? Imagine how good a potential match between Josh Alexander and Bron Breakker or Deonna Purrazzo against Bianca Belair could potentially be!


Imagine Moose appearing on WWE SmackDown this week to assault Roman Reigns from the back to set up a match between now and The Royal Rumble. It sets up a dream match that fans couldn’t have even imagined a week or so ago. In terms of skill, we all know that Moose can hang with Roman Reigns in the ring, and the match quality would potentially be excellent.

WWE benefits from getting extra talent on an already-depleted roster in this situation. IMPACT Wrestling benefits from getting the star power of Roman Reigns, arguably the biggest name in the pro wrestling landscape at the moment.

#4 Mickie James and Charlotte Flair come face-to-face


The WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion against the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion… Imagine the two women coming face-to-face on this week’s show, teasing a massive showdown for the upcoming event.

Imagine the number of garbage bag references thrown in when they go to battle on the microphone. Could the two women have a match before heading into the Royal Rumble?

#3 Brock Lesnar and Johnny Knoxville share a WWE SmackDown moment

Johnny Knoxville has made his intentions for the Royal Rumble known to everyone. But at the same time, that’s not all he has planned for this WWE stint. He has his designs on Brock Lesnar as well, or so it would seem from his Instagram post.

Could he come out and cut a promo on this week’s show and threaten Brock Lesnar in the process? The Beast Incarnate could cut his words short, who comes out to maul the outspoken celebrity. If we know anything about Knoxville, he knows no fear at all.

#2 Bayley announces her return at the Royal Rumble


The WWE SmackDown women’s division needs all the help it can get. On one hand, Sasha Banks is injured, and, on the other, Toni Storm is no longer with the company.

The brand needs a solid name to return, and Bayley may be just what the doctor ordered. Charlotte Flair as a heel and Bayley as a babyface could be a money feud. Could The Role Model potentially announce her big return to action in a video package on this week’s show?

#1 Rick Boogs unexpectedly turns heel on WWE SmackDown this week


If Rick Boogs defeated Sami Zayn last week, who has a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, why shouldn’t he get a title opportunity? On SmackDown this week, we could see him turn heel and assault his partner, Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Intercontinental Championship picture, which has been relegated to the background, can be made relevant yet again. Maybe Boogs wins and actually gets a title run as well.

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