WWE SmackDown Flops and Hits: Two former world champions in brutal brawl, Roman Reigns’ next title challenger confirmed, top superstar destroys The Usos

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The latest edition of WWE SmackDown has had its fair share of highs and lows. However, it was one of the most action-packed shows we have seen over the last few months. The episode witnessed two championship matches unfold on the episode, but only one of the titles changed hands.

Additionally, the main event crowned the next title challenger for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Here, we look at some of the biggest flops and hits from WWE SmackDown this week. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

#1. Hit on WWE SmackDown: Sheamus

The opening match of SmackDown saw Sheamus engage in a brutal match against Drew McIntyre. The two former world champions battled for a spot in the Money in the Bank match. It was an engaging encounter right from the start, and both superstars took turns dominating the match. The Celtic Warrior looked at his best against the Scottish Warrior as he brought back glimpses of him in his prime in WWE.

Sheamus was creative in his offenses and picked the right moments to showcase himself as a threatening villain throughout the match. He also took a lot of punishment, ultimately making the bout look objectively balanced. Although the match ended in a disqualification, it appeared to be a befitting result following the final moments.

#2. Hit on WWE SmackDown: Drew McIntyre


Ideally, we would group the two superstars on the same point since they faced each other. However, Drew McIntyre’s performance on this week’s SmackDown deserves an individual accolade. He was crafty in his counters, something we don’t often see in WWE babyfaces. There were instances where he taunted both Sheamus and Butch. The match was brutal, but the in-ring antics of the two superstars added a certain flair to the in-ring narration.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus share incredible chemistry that can be chalked back to their real-life friendship. They are familiar with each other and bring the best out of each other every time they step inside the ring. That’s the biggest reason that despite their past encounters, each match presents something new.


The closing moments of the Money in the Bank qualifier saw both McIntyre and Sheamus picking up a steel chair as a weapon. They swung the chairs at each other, then crashed, and the referee signaled for a DQ finish. The two superstars continued brawling in the arena, forcing several backstage security to intervene. The staredown between McIntyre and Sheamus indicated that things are far from over between them.

#3. Hit on WWE SmackDown: Riddle

SmackDown’s main event saw Riddle lock horns with ‘Honorary Us’ Sami Zayn in a singles match to earn a title shot against Roman Reigns. He had to win his match against the Tribal Chief, whereas Zayn’s victory would have led to Riddle being banned from the blue brand. Paul Heyman took a seat at the commentary desk to watch the singles match unfold, but he wasn’t prepared for what was coming.

Riddle and Zayn again delivered brilliant performances in their high-stakes match on WWE SmackDown. Interestingly, Heyman tried to help Zayn by continuously advising him, but he had different plans. Every time he gained the upper hand in the match, Zayn would waste time taunting his opponent. However, a focused Riddle would fight against all odds to emerge victorious.


Ricochet deserved a better title feud before losing his gold. His championship reign has been far from memorable on SmackDown. A compelling storyline would have at least accounted for a respectable end to an otherwise awful title run.

Unfortunately, this also takes away from Gunther’s credibility, who defeated a rather weakly represented champion and still got booed. We hope to see Ricochet get another title shot, and this time, there should be a proper build-up to their championship match.

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