WWE Superstars And Their Shocking Sisters In Real Life 2021

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A few families have had several of its members work in WWE over the years, including some siblings.

WWE has had its fair share of siblings working under its roof. Usually, the WWE Universe saw pairs of brothers like Jeff and Matt Hardy, for example, or twin sisters, like The Bellas. However, having a brother and a sister work for WWE has been a rare case.

Only four sisters have followed in their brothers’ footsteps to compete in WWE. Nonetheless, a fifth sister works backstage while her brother throws punches and kicks in the ring.

All five brother-sister pairs come from famous wrestling families. While some lived up to their families’ legacy, others were a little less successful.

Here are five brothers and sisters who have worked in WWE.
Tamina is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka. She is also the sister of former WWE Superstar Deuce.

Deuce debuted in WWE on SmackDown in January 2007, a little over three years before his sister. He was part of the Deuce ‘n Domino tag team.

Just three months following his debut, The 49-year-old had his first taste of gold in WWE when he and his partner won the Tag Team Championships from Brian Kendrick and Paul London. The pair held the titles until August before losing them to MVP and Matt Hardy.

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