WWE teases massive first-time-ever match for Roman Reigns

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A huge never-before-seen match between Roman Reigns and The Rock was teased on the final episode of WWE Evil.

WWE Evil is an original series on Peacock produced by Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn. It looks into the minds of the biggest heels in WWE history and attempts to find the motivations behind their decisions to embrace their dark side.


The final installment of the eight-episode series focused on current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief turned heel at SummerSlam 2020 and has ruled the promotion ever since.

During the episode’s final moments, WWE heavily teased a future match between Reigns and his cousin, WWE icon The Rock. TV/Radio show host Peter Rosenberg pointed out that no one can touch the latter when it comes to being the greatest Samoan wrestler in history.

A clip followed these comments, in which Reigns talked about wanting to face The Rock. Broadcast journalist Evan T. Mack then mentioned how no one would be able to deny Reigns as the greatest villain ever if he beats The Rock.


We must note that this is all speculation. Nothing has been confirmed by either the champion or the promotion.

Check out the results from the latest episode of RAW here.

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns has been speculated for a while now

Over the past few years, there has been a significant buzz about a possible WrestleMania match between Reigns and The Rock. The two megastars have never faced each other in a WWE ring.

The Rock is quite possibly the greatest entertainer to ever step foot in the squared circle. On the other hand, Reigns is hands down the biggest heel of this generation.


Rumors have come up in the past about a potential match between the two cousins at WrestleMania. Here’s what Dave Meltzer said about the same earlier this year:

“The situation with The Rock is exactly what you’d think. The belief is Rock wants to do it. They believe that is the probable main event but they are all very aware that there are things that can get in the way and it could not happen. The working idea is that match for Roman Reigns against The Rock for Los Angeles. It is absolutely not etched in stone by any means. That’s been the idea for months and months and months.” [H/T WrestlingNews.co]

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