WWE Wrestlers Who Appeared in Disney Shows

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The trailer for the much-anticipated second season of Disney’s The Mandalorian has finally landed, and it stars none other than WWE’s Sasha Banks. The five-time RAW Women’s Champion had been rumoured to star in upcoming episodes earlier this year, and the trailer confirmed those whispers.

The Mandalorian seems to be the first major acting role for Banks. She is not the first WWE Superstar, however, to venture into acting, with many before her becoming mainstream names.

At the moment, it is uncertain which character Banks will be playing on the hit Disney television show. However, it is exciting news, given what the series has delivered so far.

Here are five WWE Superstars who, like Banks, have appeared on a television series.

Based on Stephen King’s novel “The Colorardo Kid”, Haven was a supernatural drama series produced in Edge’s native Canada. Set in Haven, Maine, the series chronicled the story of FBI Agent Audrey Parker, who became involved in paranormal goings-on in the town.

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