WWE Wrestlers Who Appeared on Nickeoldeon Shows

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The world of professional wrestling has given us many a muscle-bound star over the decades and its always a thrill to see them crop up in shows outside of the ring, either as themselves or portraying a character.

Throughout the years we have seen grapplers battle star-fleet, rumble against superheroes and teach Drew Carrey’s buddies important health and safety lessons. As the years have gone by we can also see the change of societal and network perspective for our lycra bound heroes. In more recent years they have portrayed deeper and more complex characters, rather than just dopey meatheads. Here are ten random wrestler cameos on TV shows.

Dwayne Johnson has managed to transcend wrestling and became the most electrifying man in ALL of entertainment, but that journey started with guest spots on numerous TV shows such as Saturday Night LiveThat 70’s Show and the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Tsunkatse.” Seven Of Nine is abducted and forced to fight in an arena competition.

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