You Might Get Charged”: WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin Once Detailed the Legitimacy of Wrestlers Court

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Stone Cold Steve Austin, after his retirement in 2003, started doing non-wrestling roles in WWE. After WWE, he started appearing in various interviews, did some movies, and also hosted some adventure shows. He made a career out of his mic skills in pro-wrestling and also outside wrestling.

Sometime back, Austin appeared in an interview alongside Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon. There, both were recalling some of their days of wrestling and talked about the backstage fun and after-show things they used to back in the days.

While talking, Wrestlers Court came up and Scott Hall asked Austin to talk about this topic. But Hall continued after Austin told him to go ahead. Hall said, “It was introduced to me is if there was some kind of violation of something that’s kind of an honor to tradition in our industry. You might get charged.”

Austin added to the conversation, “What happens is someone breaks a cardinal rule, then it’s brought to everybody’s attention in the locker room. 

He also added, “ And the judge would decide and whatever was decided was the outcome.”

The Undertaker was most of the time the judge at the Wrestlers Court, as Austin said. Taker was the judge based on the seniority in the locker room. During Scott Hall’s time in WWE, Yokozuna was the judge sometimes.

They could call witnesses to plead their trial backstage. The witnesses were for the advantage of the guilty person. The guilty WWE superstars got a misdemeanor instead of a huge fine or punishment.

Stone Cold Steve Austin returning have a match in WWE

Since Kevin Owens lost his Elimination Chamber qualification match against Austin Theory, he is trying to have a match at WrestleMania 38. He lost his chance to go to Texas for the Mania this year.


Kevin Owens started talking trash about the state of Texas on RAW and this went on for a few weeks. The rumors started after Elimination Chamber about Austin returning to have a match at WrestleMania 38 in Texas, which is Austin’s hometown.

Since Kevin Owens is hinting at Austin’s return in his segments recently and also the rumors are floating for the same. It is a rumor yet but Austin vs Owens will of the highlight of the night, especially if Stone Cold returns for a match

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